Horse Ride Sofia Lagoon

Puerto Natales, Chilean Patagonia, Region Magallanes


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Estancia Laguna Sofía


This incredible cable car is located on Route 9 North, which connects Puerto Natales with Cerro Castillo and Laguna Sofía. You can access it from Kilometer 26 of Route 9 North (from Puerto Natales), continuing on a dirt road for a distance of 6 kilometers until you reach the estate, totaling 32 kilometers.
We source our needs from nature in a simple way: the water we drink comes from a waterfall that feeds Laguna Sofía, and from this waterfall, we harness hydropower. We recycle firewood from fallen trees for warmth, raise happy chickens that provide us with eggs, grow vegetables in a small garden, and fill our lungs with the cleanest air in the world. Internet connectivity is poor, as we are surrounded by mountains, birds, flowers, trees, caves, etc., and at our center, there’s a paleolake.
Pingo Salvaje is located within Estancia Laguna Sofía, encompassing 5,000 hectares as part of a productive unit. The family, its owners, have for generations tried various grazing management systems that did not meet their goals of ecosystem conservation and animal well-being. Upon hearing about Allan Savory (1935, one of the greatest ecologists of all time), they attended a lecture and, with the guidance of an expert, began implementing the Holistic Management system on their fields.



    – Private round trip transportation.
    – Accredited bilingual guide.
    – Food and drinks.


    – Personal insurance.
    – Medical expenses.
    – Personal equipment for the activity.


    Welcome, presentation, equipment, induction, preparation, start, and the activity’s conclusion.
    There is no minimum number of participants. AM and PM schedules.
    This beautiful horseback ride will take you to the heights where condors reside.
    We will skirt Laguna Sofía through native lenga forests, and then slowly ascend to the highest point of Sierra Señoret, at 1,000 meters above sea level, where the condor lookout is located. From here, we will have the opportunity to admire the majestic three-meter wingspan bird as it soars gracefully, stand at the edge of the same heights where they nest and raise their young.
    You will also have the chance to enjoy a magnificent landscape; we will see the lake from above, the Last Hope Sound fjord, and the Prat Mountain Range with its snow-capped peaks.

    Duration: 3 and 6 hours approx.
    Difficulty: Low / Medium


    – Timings may vary based on weather and physical conditions of participants.
    – All excursions are subject to weather conditions.



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